Maker BB and litter sister Khalessi  3/31/2019 under Judge Barbara Dempsey Alderman in Mitchell, NE

Winners 7/14/18 under judge Mr. Charles Trotter

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CH Charron's Breaker Of Chains
BISS GCH Wit's End Night Reveler SOM AmCanCH Samson N Asuncion New Start CanCH Myohomy N MGM's Typhoon AmCanCH Berlane's Joint Venture SOM SOMC CH Bridgewood's BK Kahuna SOM SOMC LOM LOMC
AmCanCH Berlane's Flyin High DOMC
CanCH Myohmy N MGM's All That Jazz CH Shadow's Nairobi SOM LOM
AmCanCH MGM Cynra\'s Autumn Mist
Samson's All In DOMC CH JEMS Jack Of Diamonds SOM SOMC LOM CH Bridgewood's BK Kahuna SOM SOMC LOM LOMC
JEMS Jewel Of The NIle
CanCH Emberstouch N Samson's Miss TNT AmCanCH Hitimes North Of Naughty, CD SOMC TT
CanCH Emberstouch The Temptress DOMC
Wit's End Total Eclipse DOM CH Arriba Tailsman Satisfaction SOM AmGCH MexCH PRO's Original 501 Blue TT SOM CH Shamrock's Sixty Minute Man
Laura's Cocopuff
CH Triple Crown's Alacazam DOM CH Arriba Tailsman Ego SOM LOM
CH Tailsman Arriba Apropos
One For The Money At Wit's End CH Arriba Tailsman Ego SOM LOM CH Tejelo Reflection Of Hunter SOM
CH Tailsman's Arriba Sonata DOM
Jazzez Golden Girl Of Wits End CH Omega's Solid Gold SOM
CH Omega's China
GCH Alerissa's Reflection Of Charron DOM UC CH BIS AmGCH Charron's Breaking Dawn CH Nantess Royal Flush SOM MBISS CH Nantess Myde High Roller SOM CH Santi Me Hay Wire NA NAJ SOM
CH Myde's Rock'n The Night Away
CH Nantess Shady Lady CH Brettendale's Gold Medal SOM
Savage's Shelby The Great
UC GCH Roxy's Lucky Shooting Star DOM McGinnis's Mister Maxmillion Sir Blade's Sam Sam
Espirit Of Hollyhock Knoll
McGinnis;s Krystal Ray Rocky Senior
Johnson's Brittany
UC CH Alerissa's More Than A Feeling CH Adellin's Simply Nantess SOM Ven CH Fandango Forest Can CH Elharlen's Quetus SOMC
Ven CH Strawberry's Fandango Fesda
CH Adellin's Black Diamond Jewel DOM CH Savoye's Calibra Flashfire
Adelbrook's Maggie And CJ\'s Love
UC CH Alerissa Hope's High Flyer OA OAJ NJC NAC UC CH Boxrmor Lil' Ragin Trouble RE BN THD Am Can CH Boxrmor's Double Trouble
Boxrmor All That Jazz
UC CH Angel Baby Rebecca's Hope NA OAJ NJP OJP CH Caldora's High Flyer
Wild Woman Jade Baxter

pedigree for Khaleesi

9/8/18 Major W BW under Judge Nelson Huber in Wilmont, WI

9/15/18  W  under Judge Kimberly Meredith Cavanna in Rochester, MN

6/23/2019 BOB under Judge Shalisa Neely in Waterloo, IA

Khaleesi was bred and owned by Michelle Baker


Boxer Nationals 2018 3rd Bred By Judge James Reynolds

DOB: 7/21/17

​Sire:  GCHB Wit End's NIght Revealer SOM

​Dam: GCH Alerissa's Reflection Of Charron DOM

​Health testing:

DM carrier

​ARVC carrier

Thyroid normal

Echo normal certified by specialist

Hips good

​Elbows normal



G​CH Charron's Breaker Of Chains

Winners 5/18 under Bloomington, IL

Winners 5/13/18 under Judge Patricia Trotter in Davenport, IA

8/12/18 W BOW under Judge Gloria Kerr in Albert Lee, MN

3/24/2019 New Champion, major under Judge Andrea Bradford MD in Dewitt, IA

Winners 5/12/18 under Judge Charles Trotter in Davenport, IA

BOW BOS over 5 specials 7/15/18 under judge Patricia Trotter

Reserve at Major in Atlanta, GA