9/23/2017 W under judge Mr. Cledith M Wakefield in Gray Summit, MO

9/24 W BW under Judge Anne Marie Taylor in Gray Summit, MO

Tellico was bred and is co-owned by Charron Boxers, Michelle Baker and owned by James Allen.

4/22/17 WD under Dr. Steve Keating  at Grand Island

Tellico and Michelle placing Third at the American Boxer Club National 2017 in Indianapolis, IN


5/18 Winners under Judge Dr. Gerard Penta at Badgerland Kennel Club

9/22/2017 W BW under Judge James E Taylor in Gray Summit, MO

4/29/18 WD under judge Carl Liepmann in Marshalltown, IA

6/9/18 New Champion  WD/BW under Judge Ms. Nikki Riggsbe in Wheaton, IL

10/7/17 W under Judge Brian Meyer in Joliet, IL

CH Charron's Skipping Rocks On The River Bed

DOB: 5/25/16

​Sire: BISS CH Nantess Just Try It SOM

​Dam: GCH Alerissa's Reflection Of Charron

Health Testing:

DM carrier

ARVC clear

​Echo clear flow rate 1.91

​​Holter 2/5/18  - VPB SUMMARY: 0 SINGLES, 0 PAIRS, 0 RUNS

2/4/17 WD under Judge Terry Stacy in Atlanta, GA

9/14/2017 W BW  Major under judge Dr. Robert Indeglia at McDonald, TN