Our Girls

Roxy  UKC GCH Roxy's Lucky Shooting Star CGC DOM

Gracie   AKC CH UKC  GCH Charron's Gamblen Grace

Katana  AKC GCH UKC BISS BIS GCH Shaddai N Charron's  Double Edge Sword DOM

Blitz  Multiple Group Placing AKC  GCH UKC CH Shaddai's Rebekah Full Of Fire

Prysm   AKC GCH Alerissa's Reflection Of Charron DOM

Juliet   AKC CH Whimsical N Charron's Breaking Your Heart

Amara  AKC CH Darb N Charron's Eternally Yours​​

Topaz  BPBIS GCH Charron's November Rain

Khaleesi  GCH Charron's Breaker Of Chains​​

Lottie  CH Charron's Lottie Dah At Nantess

ArKham  Alerissa's Unstoppable Force Meets Charron's Unmovable Object

Embers Charron’s From Ashes Legions Rise


Our Boys

Flash   AKC CH  UKC MBIS MRBIS GCH Charron's At Your Own Risk

Twilight   AKC CH UKC MBIS GCH Charron's Breaking Dawn

Goose   AKC  CH & UKC  GCH Charron's Hifh Flying Maverick

Obi   AKC  CH & UKC  GCH May The Force Be With You

Outlaw    AKC  CH & UKC  CH Whimsical N Charron's Breaking All The Rules

Rumor  BISS AKC  GCHS & UKC  CH Charron's Rumor Has It Started At Darb

Poison  CH Charron's Talking Dirty To Oakview

Dom  AKC CH Darb N Charron's Oh-Oh Domino

Tellico  CH Charron's Skipping Rocks On The River Bed

Maker   CH Charron's Devil's Cut For Farmore

Gotham  CH Alerissa N Charron's The Hero Gotham Needs

Valor  BPBIS GCH Charron's  Show Me How Big Your Brave Is

Jasper Charron’s I Wanna See You Be Brave

Introducing Charron Boxers

​Breeder Of Merit​   

  All Breed Handler

The Charron Boxers

Charron Boxers is owned and operated by Michelle Baker.  Specializing in breeding Boxers since 2008.  Charron Boxers has twenty-five home bred champions and currently holds three Dam's Of Merit producer. Our breeding program focusses on health and temperament first with a strong emphasis on breed type.  Always striving to find the perfect match.  Boxers are a deep passion and continue to bring joy to our word. 

​Charron Kennel, Michelle Baker offers All Breed Handling.     Michelle is also the owner of All Paws Grooming in Rock Island, IL . Check out our pages for details.  Follow us on facebook